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Product Listing
These are just some of the allied items we carry for delivery in and around Western Pennsylvania
S&D 20oz Sugar Canister
S&D 1000ct Creamer Packets
S&D 12oz Cream Canister
Coffeemate 11oz Cream Canister
Coffeemate FV 11oz Cream Canister
S&D 2000ct Sugar Packets
Grindstone 400ct 
Pink Sweetner
Grindstone 400ct 
Yellow Sweetner
Grindstone 400ct 
Blue Sweetner
Nestles Rich Hot 
Chocolate 50ct
Swiss Miss 
Hot Chocolate 50ct
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
W/Marshmallows 50ct
Swiss Miss 
Hot Chocolate
Sugar Free 24ct
Lipton Decaf Tea
Bags 50ct
Lipton Tea 
Bags 100ct
Bigelow Tea Bags 
24ct Asst. Flavors
Dart 12oz Lids 1000ct
Dart 8oz Cups 1000ct
Dart 8oz Lids 1000ct
Dart 12oz Cups 1000ct